I always thought it is about the thing itself. The biggest camera, the technology, the light that fascinates me so much. Maybe that was the motivation to take a chance to find out what it really is.


Photography is my key to the story.

My opportunity to satisfy all the yearning to tell the stories out there.The story of a person, the story behind a product, behind that food.The things that make life worth living. Who you are and what your dreams are about.


This is the passion, the fire that can not be extinguished, the beautiful and the strange that drives me.
Storytelling, good design, outstanding ideas, a sparkle in your eyes, visual voodoo - that makes my heart go far.


My sarcasm sometimes hits the black humor, my heart beats for the cold water. For turning off my head and going to the extreme. I like being that nerdy maniac, always looking for cake and enlightenment.


After growing up next to cowsheds, stops in Berlin and Cape Town, my 20-year old self feels very much at home in the Rhineland but is inwardly always on a journey.